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Social Responsibility

In every neighborhood where there is a LifeNET presence, we are committed to creating and investing in opportunities for people within them. Bringing people together, by helping to provide education and employment opportunities and ultimately making a difference in people’s lives – it’s all part of being a good neighbor and a sustainable company.

Since inception, LifeNET has always maintained it’s stance on Corporate Social Responsibility, and takes pride in having a social conscience which guides it’s daily operation.

Skills for Youth

LifeNET Emergency Medical Services, Inc. is working to connect young people to the skills and training they need to make a differince in a rapidly changing world, by partnering with local high schools to provide Emergency Medical Technician training to eligible youth.

Community Service

More than ever, communities are looking to the corporations to share resources and create meaningful change. LifeNET Emergency Medical Services, Inc. leverages it’s network of individuals who are eager to make a difference in their communities. LifeNET Emergency Medical Services, Inc. firmly believes that coming together in service represents a fundamental act of citizenship for individuals, businesses and community members to create a stronger, more cohesive society.

Veteran and Military Support

Recognizing the sacrifices that our Veterans have endured to ensure the freedom of the American people, LifeNET Emergency Medical Services, Inc. has pledged to show it’s dedication and commitment to our service men and women in our Armed Forces by providing ambulance transportation to and from Veterans Affairs Hospitals, at no cost to the Veteran, in order to access to critical and often life saving medical treatment.

Diversity and Inclusion

Aside from providing Emergency Services, LifeNET Emergency Medical Services, Inc. has made a business out of human connections, community involvement and the celebration of cultures – and we are as diverse as the communities we serve. We strive to create a culture that values and respect diversity and inclusion.

Operation: Our Town

We love our communities. Since inception, we’ve been committed to supporting community improvement and beautification projects, community based organizations, performing arts organizations and even local Youth Sports Leagues. Our dedication to thriving neighborhoods, community service, local arts and environmental stewardship is all part of the vested interest and commitment to the place that LifeNET Emergency Medical Services, Inc. calls home.